✓ Implementing Universal Design for Learning

✓ Implementing MTSS or RTIi systems and practices

✓ Developing and implementing co-teaching practices

✓ Establishing systems for measuring progress

✓ Delivering evidence-based intervention strategies 

✓ Establishing a culture of standards-based learning

✓ Improving classroom assessment practices

✓ Developing a standards-based report card

✓ Establishing a culture of and vision for inclusion

✓ Developing interdisciplinary teaming practices

Oftentimes, schools want more sustained support toward an initiative than a workshop or presentation can offer. Our team offers coaching, consultation, and reviews of practice for research-based support that leads to immediate and long-term impact on your school. We provide support in the following areas: 


Dr. Nick Glab

Head of School, Colegio Jorge Washington

'Dr. Jung goes above and beyond to coach schools through any implementation process.  When she began consulting with COJOWA to create a culture of Standards-based Learning, she truly became part of our community.  She asked thoughtful questions to identify and clarify misunderstandings about the SBL implementation process, which quickly resulted in a high level of trust with teachers.   After her initial visit to our campus, she was available throughout the school year to support our teacher leaders in the designing of standards-based assessments, rubrics, and our new report card.  Working with Dr. Jung will guarantee research-based advice delivered in a fun and engaging way.  I look forward to working together with her again in the future!'


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Coaching involves one or more of our team members traveling to your school to team with small groups in problem-solving and guidance. We can help you with the design of an assessment system, policies, and a report card. We can support the development of systems and structures for inclusion and effective learning support. Coaching often includes 2-3 days on site meeting with small groups. Coaching sessions are often planned in a series over a year or more as iterations of policies, practices, and documents evolve.  


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Consultation sessions are useful when schools wish to have shorter question-and-answer or problem-solving sessions with a team member. Consultation sessions are typically offered via Zoom videoconferences, and, thus are less expensive for schools that are unable to budget for on-site coaching.

Reviews of Practice

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Reviews of Practice are offered in two categories: inclusive practices and standards-based grading and learning. Reviews are mixed-method studies that include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and document review. Participants in the study include faculty, administrators, parents, and students. Documents reviewed depend upon the nature of the audit and can include IEPs, progress notes, report cards, grade books, grading programs, policies, procedures, mission and vision statements, and webpages. The review provides a summary of results and concrete recommendations for strengthening practices. Reviews are confidential and intended for internal school use for improvement.

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