A Mastery Approach to Assessment and Grading


In this course we explore advanced assessment and grading application topics, including ensuring reliability and validity, using universal design to increase access, determining when to grade and when to only use feedback, and cheating. You will read both seminal research and contemporary recommended practice from the field. Lee Ann guides you through her engaging videos to integrate the resources and provides practical solutions to take assessment at your school to the next level.


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About Your Instructor

Lee Ann Jung, PhD

Lee Ann is CEO of Lead Inclusion, Clinical Professor at San Diego State University, and a consultant to schools worldwide. She provides support to schools in the areas of universal design for learning, inclusion, intervention, and mastery-based assessment and grading. Before beginning a career in higher education she worked in special education in the roles of teacher and administrator. She is a former full professor and director of International Partnerships in the University of Kentucky's College of Education. Lee Ann leads the International Inclusive Leadership Program, a professional learning and graduate program for educators in international schools in partnership with San Diego State University.