Compassionate Classrooms


This course will support you to understand the science behind emotional regulation. The content in this course goes beyond the approach of managing or supporting behavior, to a deeper understanding of the underlying cognitive component of regulation and behavior. This course provides an understanding of the root causes of dysregulation, explore disorders of regulation, and gain strategies for supporting students to become self-regulated learners. You will leave this course with both strategies for supporting regulation in your students and strategies to support your own regulation.


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About Your Instructor

Amy Bain

Amy is co-creator and instructor of Compassionate Classrooms. She is a skilled and seasoned leader of courses throughout the US on a project funded by National Institute of Mental Health. She brings expertise and experience with emotional regulation disorders to the coursework. Amy has a passion for helping educators and family members understand the impact of emotional regulation on child development. The purpose of her work is to help educators and families experience decreased burden of supporting dysregulation, while increasing in empowerment, competence, and confidence as they use research-based practices to help young people regulate emotions and behavior.