MTSS and RTIi in Inclusive Schools


This course provides an understanding of Multi-tiered Systems of Support, including Response to Instruction and Intervention and Positive Behavior Supports. How do we change our systems and structures so we have a clear mechanism for operating as a team to make decisions about small-group instruction, intervention, and referral that are efficient, effective, and equitable? Who receives intervention? How does this look? What are the data we need to make decisions about grouping and intervention? Inclusive environments celebrate the strengths and talents of every student and, likewise, incorporate the expertise of both generalists and specialists to support all students in the classroom who are struggling or require extension to move fluidly between tiers of support. The concepts of co-teaching, teaming, reader and writer’s workshops, creative scheduling, role, and student sharing are applied within the context of MTSS in this course. Research-based strategies for Response to Intervention and Instruction and Positive Behavior Intervention Supports are embedded in discussion about the logistics of providing both long- and short-term Tiers II and III supports.


November 5 to December 11, 2021



On Site Dates:


Zoom Times:

Saturdays, 10:00-11:30am Hong Kong Time


45 Continuing Education Hours



Credit available through SDSU ($130/credit)


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About Your Instructor

Johanna Cena, DEd

Johanna is the Director of Teaching and Learning at the American School of Barcelona. She has 18 years of experience in education, 10 of those years as an Elementary principal and Director of ELL programs in Barcelona and in Portland, Oregon. Johanna has also been a classroom teacher, ELL teacher, instructional coach and staff developer. She has been a presenter on the topics of teacher leadership, content literacy, reading interventions, English language development, reader’s and writer’s workshop, culturally relevant teaching strategies, sheltered instruction, and systems such as response to instruction and intervention and Positive Behavior Support.