Supporting Students’ High Abilities


An integral component of becoming a truly inclusive school is the intentional and thoughtful support of learners' high or exceptional abilities. This course is designed to facilitate understanding, planning and response to the academic and social and emotional needs of highly-able learners. It is an ideal introduction for schools and educators who are just beginning the journey in addressing the needs of highly able learners. You will develop an understanding of this population and explore key myths and misconceptions that may present as barriers to action in supporting these learners. We address the thorny questions of identification and labelling while supporting you in developing a philosophy that aligns with your individual school context.


November to December, 2022



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30 Continuing Education Hours




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About Your Instructor

Anita Churchville, MSED

Anita coordinates the High Ability Program at the American School of Bombay and conducts professional development workshops at a number of private international schools. She previously created and coordinated Special and Gifted Education programs at the American School of Doha and at Academia Cotopaxi. She also worked as a program specialist in the Los Angeles Unified School District in California, supporting 16 schools. She has a master's degree in special and gifted education and certification as an educational diagnostician.