Teaming with Families in Inclusive Schools


In this course, participants explore the interconnected nature of families and culture on schools and the vital need to honor and facilitate collegial relationships with students’ families in order to maximize student success. Participants learn to be intentionally inviting to families and to utilize the “family lens” when considering school policy and procedures. Participants practice using multiple tools to gather information from families about student routines and needs and to create high quality, student-centered ILP/IEPs that reflect family priorities. Other topics involve using intentional empathy to overcome judgment, handling difficult conversations, and celebrating cultural diversity in schools.


April to May, 2022



On Site Dates:


Zoom Times:



45 Continuing Education Hours



Credit available through SDSU ($130/credit)


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About Your Instructor

Abbey Love, PhD

Abbey is broadly interested in translating educational research to teachers and families and is specifically dedicated to initiatives and research that support individuals with autism spectrum disorder. Her research focuses on motivation and self-efficacy beliefs of professionals who work with students with disabilities in a number of contexts. She is the founder of PACT: Police Autism Community Training, and has worked internationally as a K-12 teacher and university preservice teacher instructor. Abbey has a PhD in Educational Psychology from the University of Kentucky.