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students deserve more than a drop-down menu. 

They deserve personalized plans that will change their lives.

Drop-down menus of goals are a shortcut to compliance, not personalized learning. Goalogy, based on the ASCD book, From Goals to Growth, offers educators a streamlined process, rooted in research, for setting goals and measuring progress with students, not to them. Goalogy ensures compliance with measuring progress, but this is secondary to its purpose of setting life-changing goals and really measuring progress.


Bring data to life.

Too often, student learning is reduced to a percentage. Numbers and percentages alone do not capture the full picture of our students' learning, and the meaning of data can be lost. Goalogy allows you to quickly capture documents, photos, and videos of student work to bring life to the data. Paired with the data map, teachers, families, and students can easily understand progress and see snapshots of growth.

Goalogy (4).png

Learning you can see.

Goalogy goes beyond a simple line graph of progress. Teachers, students, and families see progress clearly and in real time, with data maps and graphs that are easy for everyone to understand. The data map shows each step a student takes on the path to their goals with colors on a map. The real examples of student learning are a click away through the data map. 

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