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We've learned from experience and feedback that real impact in education comes from deep, ongoing collaboration. Lasting change doesn't come from a single presentation--and certainly not from a keynote. Meaningful change involves building relationships, understanding unique strengths, challenges, and goals to design a purposeful, multi-year plan. We support you continuously, adapting to your school's changing needs.

"Working with Dr. Jung will guarantee research-based advice delivered in a fun and engaging way. Dr. Jung goes above and beyond to coach schools through any implementation process. I look forward to working together with her again in the future!"

-Dr. Nick Glab, Head of School


Leadership Collaboration

We serve as regular, ongoing thought partners with a small group of building or district leaders to develop goals, a plan, and to tackle specific challenges and data-driven decision-making for inclusive practices. Through this prong of our partnership, we bring our many years of experience across many schools to guide you in a time-tested and research-supported direction to meet your goals. 

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Lead Learner Coaching

We lead sustained conversations and coaching with small groups of "lead learners." We discuss challenges, explore solutions, and guide implementation with the lead learners first. By inviting teacher voice and leadership, we upend traditional "top-down" approaches. In nurturing a culture of collaborative growth and shared responsibility, your school gains momentum for meaningful and lasting growth.

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Large Group Training

Whole-division or whold-school trainings work best as part of a systemic effort. In our partnerships, large-group trainings are tailored to your school's unique journey, born from the rich insights of our work with leadership and the lead learners. This dynamic blend ensures our training is not just another lecture — it's a hands-on, engaging roadmap to taking your change efforts to scale with success.

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Are you ready to move beyond keynotes and partner with us for real change? We'd love to plan a partnership with you. Write to us or schedule a Zoom to begin the conversation.

Thank you! We will be in touch soon.

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